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Tekvin Media & Consulting is a group of professionals dedicated to excellence in everything we do.  Our staff considers our work a joy and not a job, as we take great pleasure in serving you.  With decades of experience in marketing and doing business internationally, Tekvin can provide reliable solutions for your business.  We believe that a satisfied customer leads to more opportunities.  Therefore, we treat each and every customer as our top priority.  As businessmen, we also strive to maintain a high level of integrity with our customers and community.   Call us today for a risk free consultation and learn how Tekvin can increase the potential of your business!


Toni Devli

Founder & CEO

Growing up with as the son of a successful business leader in Istanbul, Toni has worked in many roles of his father’s business.  After obtaining a business degree from a university in Istanbul, Mr. Devli became a co-owner and director of a residential construction business in Istanbul, Turkey.

Larry Hall

Senior Consultant

Larry Hall is a multi-talented leader with over 20 years of experience in leading organizations and companies internationally.  He started his career by teaching business courses at a small, innovative business school.  Later Mr. Hall opened a branch office of an international development organization and implemented small business strategies, while overseeing multiple offices and projects.  Throughout his career, Mr. Hall has learned to speak several languages.  He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Oklahoma.  Mr. Hall has a wife and three young boys.

Ryan Busler

Head of Marketing

Ryan is an energetic media developer.  He enjoys the experience of creating short multimedia productions and spends time flying his drone for  both work and play.  Ryan has worked in more than four countries providing a variety of services.  This international experience enables him to create appropriate solutions for most any target market.  Ryan holds and engineering degree from the the University of Oklahoma (USA) and an MBA.  He is married with four children.

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